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Online Registration for all Henderson County Schools
has begun for the 2017-18 school year.

See details below and on all school web pages.   

Henderson County School Secretaries will be available to help parents with

Online Registration for the 2017-18 year through May 25.  Parents who need

to use school system computers can come by their school until then.

Special note -  Monday May 22 there will be limited staff
availability, please call the school before planning to come in.

The Online Registration will continue throughout the summer

and assistance will be available by calling 270-831-8759 or


First time Parent Portal users will need to contact the student's 

school for an activation key before attempting log in.  Once you have the 

activation key, you can log into Parent Portal and set up your account. 

Important 2017-18 Student Registration News: Online Registration for 

ALL students will replace paper student enrollment forms and will be a

quicker more efficient system for parents and the Henderson County School staff.  

There will be no need to wait until fall to register students for school, the process

has begun.  All students within a household can be registered at one time 

using the Online process. Please check for important online registration 

information and registration links on any Henderson County School's web page.

Parents of students new to HCS, will not have access to Parent Portal until

after registration is completed and enrollment approved.  There is a special

online registration link and process for those new students to HCS available

on all school's websites under Quick Links. 

Attention -  Parent Portal Password Reset Process can now be done by

using Self-Service Password Reset Process online, see information below:  

Current Parent Portal Users - be aware that with the new online registration, you will be able to reset your password yourself, without calling the school.  There is a new set of password criteria which could affect your current password and log in.  The criteria for passwords is a minimum of 9 characters, any combination of letters, numbers or symbols you choose. If your password does not meet the criteria, you will get a message at log in to change it and assistance there to help you change it.  You should not need to call the school, which is a faster process for you.  

If in the future, you forget or want to change your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link and you will be taken through the reset process at that time.  

There is a FORGOT USER NAME link for online assistance with that as well.

First Time Parent Portal Users-   parents of currently enrolled HCS students using Infinite Campus Parent Portal for the first time, please contact your school secretary to get an Activation Key before you attempt log in.  This applies to parents of currently enrolled students who have never used Parent Portal.  

Once you have an Activation Key from your school:
   Click the "Infinite Campus Parent Portal Link" on any Henderson Co School web page                  
   Click the "CLICK HERE" link for parents with an Activation Key.                        
   Use Activation Key as GUID Number to log in                      
   Set up your User Name and Password

Parents of New HCS Students - Parents of students new to HCS,those NOT currently enrolled at any HCS school, will not have access to Parent Portal until after registration is completed and enrollment is approved by the HCS staff.

For help with Parent Portal logging in issues or Online Registration, you do not

need to call your school, please  call 270-831-8759 or email OLR@HENDERSON.KYSCHOOLS.US


We are looking forward to this extraordinary opportunity for Henderson County Schools' Students and Families.


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